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If you're an Etsy shop, you'll receive 5 free credits to get started. Then you'll be ready to start scheduling sales, editing tags and auto-renewing items with our exclusive, easy-to-use tools. And if you ever need some help, our support team will quickly and happily respond to a question, a concern or whatever it is you need.

If you're looking for a deal, we help Etsy shoppers find the sales they want without having to search around. Basically, you can browse and buy sale items with "Shop the Sales" and know you got the best bargain in Etsy town.

The best part is, we do it all in one place. It's like a shopkeeper's and sale seeker's paradise.

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Guess what else you won't find anywhere else? Yup, these exclusive, Etsy on Sale tools.

Schedule your sales events!
Update listings. Optimize Searches.
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Edit all your tags at once!
Keep your photos safe from disaster.
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Etsy On Sale Team - Cameron Henneke, Mitsu Beck, Jason Beck Photo by Jake Gee

We are Mitsu, Jason and Cameron and we are Etsy on Sale. It began in 2010 at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, when we started brainstorming ideas for the Code as Craft contest - an Etsy contest for innovative Etsy apps. Since Mitsu was a seller herself, we felt we had a unique insight into what a seller would need, want and just be over the moon for in an app. And we decided the #1 thing they wanted was a quick and easy way to put their shop items on sale. That's when Etsy on Sale was born!

We won Best Seller Tool for the Code as Craft contest and are now the largest, third party Etsy app. But we knew we could do more... so we asked sellers what other tools would make their lives easier. That's when we added Auto Renew, the Tag Tool and Photo Backup & Restore. From then till now, our craft has been giving sellers the freedom to focus on theirs. And we are always looking to add more tools and new ways to do just that.

What people are saying about EOS
My shop usually hovers between 150-200 items, so going through and editing each listing (and then editing them back) is really NOT an option. But then Etsy on Sale came along and changed everything.
Absolutely Small
Every Etsy sellers dream...a way to put items on sale quickly and easily! It simply uses the Etsy API to edit your listings for you. I tried it myself and it works great!
Seriously amazing - thank you for giving us our time back and the power to run our businesses and dreams efficiently!
Kristie G
Etsy On Sale can get addicting for being too easy to set up a sale! I love it!! Better than coupon codes in my opinion!!
The Handmade Emporium