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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Etsy On Sale run by Etsy?

No. Etsy On Sale is a third-party app that uses the Etsy API to communicate with your Etsy shop.

How much does it cost to use Etsy On Sale?

Etsy On Sale offers the best value when it comes to seller apps with tools for automatic renewals and creating sales events for your Etsy shop. Most of our competitors charge monthly fees to use their service, regardless of how much you use their services each month. They charge between $100 - $1,000 per year to use their app!

We're different.

Etsy On Sale operates on a credit system so that you only pay for the services you need when you need them. Our most popular package of 100 credits for $25 provides the most bang for your buck. Since a sales event is 4 credits, you could run 25 sales events with that package! That lasts a long time for many sellers. We also do not charge based on the number of items in your shop (many other sites do). Whether you have 5 items or 5,000, it's the same 4 credits to run a sales event with Etsy On Sale.

View our pricing page to see more details.

Can I purchase credits without using a PayPal account?

Yes! Our self-serve online checkout process requires PayPal for payment. However, if you let us know the credit package you are interested in purchasing, we can send you a direct invoice for alternative payment. The invoice will still be from PayPal, but you will have the option to pay using a credit or debit card without creating a PayPal account. After the payment goes through we will manually add the credits to your account.

Request a direct invoice by emailing

My Account
I changed the name of my Etsy shop. How do I update it in Etsy On Sale?

To update your shop name in EOS re-authorize shop access by following these steps. This gives us a fresh connection to your Etsy shop so that we can pick up the new name of your shop.

How do I change the email address I use to sign in to Etsy On Sale?

To change the email address associated with your account sign in to Etsy On Sale once with the new email address. Then email us at and we'll move your account over to that new email.

You will need a Google Account associated with the new email address. If you do not already have a Google Account associated with that email, you can create one here.

Let us know once you have signed in with the new email and be sure to include your Etsy shop name.

How do I check or change the timezone for my Etsy On Sale account?

In your Etsy On Sale account, click on "Settings" on the top menu. There, you will be able to see what your timezone is currently set to and you can change it there as well.

How do I add another shop to my Etsy On Sale account?

You can add additional shops to your account by following these steps.

Setting Up a Sale
What is a "sale prefix"?

A sale prefix is the temporary phrase you want placed at the beginning of your listing titles or description section while your sales event is active. For example, below the phrase ON SALE is the sale prefix for this sales event. You can choose to insert this in the title or in the description.

example of title prefix

example of description prefix

Is 12:00AM the start of the day or the end of the day when scheduling a sales event?

Etsy On Sale considers 12:00AM (midnight) the start of the day. So, if you want a sale to be active through and including December 31, you would want to set the end time to 12:00AM (midnight) on January 1.

Can I edit some of my listings during an active sales event?

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT edit any listings while your sales event is active. Check out our Sales Event Guidelines for more info.

How do I extend my sales event to run longer?

You can extend a sales event anytime after it is active. Sales can be extend for up to four additional weeks (28 days) at a time and can be extended multiple times. Follow these steps to extend a sale.

How do I include or exclude certain listings in a sales event?

To include or exclude specific listings from a sales event click on the More Options... button when scheduling the sale.

Choose the listings to be added to or excluded from the sale by either entering listing IDs or by searching by title.

Watch this demo video to see how it's done.

When should I renew listings during a sales event and when should I copy them?

When EOS starts a sale it catalogs your listings' information by the unique listing ID. That's how it knows not to discount an item again when it is relisted, and how to correctly restore the listing at the end of the sale - including listings that sell or expire during the sale.

If you use RENEW to relist items they will be handled correctly, since renewing maintains the same unique listing ID for the listing. So if you relist an item by renewing after the sale is over it will renew without the sale information because it will have been restored. If you relist an item by renewing during the sale you can just publish it "as is" - meaning on sale, with all the sale info on it and at the sale price - and EOS will not discount it again.

If you COPY items that sell or expire to relist them - either during or after a sale - they become new items and get new listing IDs. So you will have to manually reset them back to normal - removing the sale photo, sale prefix, and setting the price back to normal - before publishing. This is important because EOS will see them as new listings so you have to set them back to normal to make sure they are handled correctly.

Learn more about this topic in this detailed video.

I put my shop on vacation mode. What will happen to my sales events or renewals?

If you put your shop on vacation mode while a sales event was scheduled to end, then your sales event will not be able to end properly. When your shop is in vacation mode, it is essentially deactivated and EOS is not able to communicate with your shop.

To resolve this issue, you will need to take your shop off vacation mode and then manually end the sale. If you experience any problems getting the sale to end email and we can re-end your sales event at that time.

Problems with Sales Events
I scheduled my sale but it did not start. Why?

Most likely your sale is still in "draft" mode. Sales remain in "draft" mode if you did not complete the setup process. On the sale preview page you must check the box saying "I have read and agree to the terms" and click the "Confirm" button.

If your sale is in "draft" mode it takes just a few steps to make it active:

  1. Sign in to Etsy On Sale.
  2. Click on your Shop Banner
  3. Click on "Sales Events"
  4. You'll see your sale in "draft" mode. Follow these steps to edit the sale. Change the start date/time to something in the future.
  5. Click "Save Changes" which takes you to the Preview Page.
  6. Click the box next to "I have read and agree..." then click Confirm.
  7. Then when you are back on your Sales Event page, hover your mouse over the sale and you'll see a green arrow appear. Click that arrow to start your sale immediately.

Your sale will start running and you'll receive email confirmations when the changes are made in your shop.

Or, you can delete the "draft" sale altogether and 4 credits will be returned to your account so you can schedule a new sale.

My sales event says "Draft". What does that mean?
My sales event did not start on time. It is not in Draft mode. It still says "Scheduled". Why didn't it start?

Most likely your timezone is not set correctly. The default timezone for accounts is US Central time, so you should change it to your timezone. In your Etsy On Sale account, click on "Settings" on the top menu. There, you will be able to see what your timezone is currently set to and you can change it there as well. After you have updated your timezone, you can then manually start your sales event.

Another common reason sales don't start when scheduled is due to an overdue Etsy bill. Etsy does not allow changes to shops with an overdue bill, even by third-party apps like EOS. If your shop bill is overdue, pay the outstanding balance and the restriction will be removed. You can then manually start your sales event.

I added new items in my shop during a sales event and I want them placed on sale, too. How do I get them added to the sale?

If your sale has the Auto-Add option enabled, while your sale is running, twice a day EOS will search your shop for new listings that have been added to the sale section. These items will be automatically added to your sale with the sale prefix and discount applied.

If you want to have new items found immediately you can refresh the sale.

When you create new listings while a sale is running, be sure to use the regular title, description and price. This will ensure that when EOS discovers the new listings the correct discount will be applied.

When I view my shop sale in the Sell On Etsy mobile app, why is it not appearing the same as when I view it on my desktop computer?
If you are viewing your shop through the Sell On Etsy app, it often takes longer to refresh and show changes there, so it may show the sale on your listings even when the sale is actually not on the Etsy site or the regular Etsy app. If this is the case, if you log out of the Sell On Etsy app and log back in it will force the app to refresh and update the view on those listings.
Why is the Regular Price banner not showing on some listing thumbnail images? Why are only some of my items appearing on sale when I am viewing my entire shop?

The reason you are not seeing the original price banner on the thumbnails of some of your listings is due to the size of your listings' first photo. If you have images less than 520px tall the sale banner will be visible on the thumbnail version in the gallery and search result pages. If the photo is taller than 520px then it will not be visible in thumbnails. However, when you click on an individual listing, you will see the regular price banner on the individual listing's page.

This happens because of how Etsy crops photos to create the thumbnail in gallery pages, and unfortunately because of the vastly differing size of photos across users, we had to standardize the size of the regular price banner to a size and we chose 520px after some means testing.

If you have images greater than 520px tall and would like the banner visible on all of your thumbnails, the easiest way is to use Etsy's photo adjustment option within your shop to make the banner part of the thumbnail.

Some of my listings did not get restored back to normal once my sale ended. How do I know which items were affected? How do I fix them?

You can view the errors on your Etsy On Sale dashboard under the Completed sales events tab. Next to the sales event, you will see "View Errors" link, which will list the items that did not get restored back properly. This usually occurs if the listings were edited or altered by the seller during an active sales event, if a shop is on vacation when the sale was supposed to end, or if there was some other server or API error.

For each error, there is a link directly to the listing on Etsy so you can review the item and manually make any necessary changes.

Tag Tool and Auto-Renew
How do I stop getting email notifications every time an item is renewed from the Auto Renew Tool?

To turn off these email notfications login to EOS, click your shop banner, and then click Auto Renew. Once in the Auto Renew tool, click the "Access" tab and uncheck the box next to the email selection.

What is the Tag Tool? Do I use it for creating a sales event?

The Tag Tool is for tagging your items with specific keywords to help shoppers find your items in Etsy search results. Tags are the keywords added after your listings Etsy category, as seen here:

To run a sales event you should use the Sales Event Manager by following these steps.

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