Creating Sales Events

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Schedule a Sale

To create and schedule a new sales event for your Etsy shop click your shop banner.

Click the Sales Events Manager tool.

On the Sales Event page click the New Sales Event button.

Give your sale a name and select the items you would like to place on sale. You can select your entire shop or one or more sections.

You can also choose individual listings by clicking More Options.

Individual listings can be added to or excluded from the sale by either entering listing IDs or by searching by title.

Set the start and end date and time. Note that 12:00am (midnight) is the start of the day.

Select the type of discount (either percentage off or dollar amount off) and enter the amount of the discount.

You can choose to add a Sale Prefix such as "ON SALE" to either the title or description of every item on sale. Or, you can choose to leave this option blank if you do not want a sale prefix added.

If you choose to add a sale prefix, Etsy On Sale will apply the prefix to all of your discounted listings and will remove the prefix at the end of your sale.

example of title prefix

example of description prefix

Auto-Add New Items

If you select the Auto-Add option, while your sale is running, twice a day EOS will search your shop for new listings that have been added to the sale section. These items will be automatically added to your sale with the sale prefix and discount applied.

(If you want to have new items found immediately you can also use the refresh sale button.)

When you create new listings while a sale is running, be sure to use the regular title, description and price. This will ensure that when EOS discovers the new listing the correct discount will be applied.

Show Regular Prices

When scheduling a sales event you can choose to Show Regular Prices.

If you select this option, the original price for each item will be displayed crossed out on the Etsy listing page like the example below. This gives customers an easy way to see the size of discount you are offering.

The powered by Etsy On Sale logo is also a symbol of trust, letting customers know you are running a real, verified sale.

How it works

Etsy On Sale modifies the first image of each item in the sale, adding a regular price banner at the top.

When the sale is complete, the original image is restored without the regular price banner.

Image Thumbnails

If you have images less than 520px tall the sale banner will be visible on the thumbnail version. With photos that are taller than 520px, the sale banner is not shown in the thumbnail version.

If you have images greater than 520px tall and would like the banner visible on all of your thumbnails, the easiest way is to use Etsy's photo adjustment option within your shop to make the banner part of the thumbnail.

Confirm the Sale

Once you have finalized all of your settings, click Schedule Sales Event.

On the next screen you should review the sale settings to confirm they are correct and review the Sales Event Guidelines. You will be asked to agree to the terms of the sale by checking the box. Then click Confirm to schedule the sale.

Confirmed sales events will appear as "Scheduled."

Sales that have not been confirmed will appear as "Draft." Draft sales can be edited and confirmed. Or you can delete draft sales and start over.

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