How to use the Photo Backup & Restore Tool

Almost every Etsy Seller knows that good photos are the key to increasing sales. In fact, your item photos are probably your most valuable asset besides the items themselves! And yet, with a hard drive failure, ransomware virus, or accidental deletion your photos could be lost forever.

The Photo Backup & Restore Tool protects your photos and gives you peace of mind.

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How Automatic Backups Work

When you activate Photo Backups, a process is started that backs up ALL photos for ALL listings in your shop. After the initial backup, your shop is searched multiple times each day to find any new photos you may have added to listings, and these are backed up as well.

With automatic backups enabled, FULL SIZE photos are encrypted and securely stored in multiple Google data centers across the United States, so your photos are safe and always available, even if a natural disaster occurs in one region.

Get Access

The cost to use the Photo Backup & Restore Tool is 5 credits for 1 month of access.

When the tool is activated all photos will be automatically backed up and you will have access to view, download or restore any backed up photo in your shop.

Choose the number of months you want backups to run and click the Activate button to get started.

You can add additional months of access at any time.

Once activated, the initial backup process will start immediately and should complete within a few hours.

After the intial process is completed, click the Summary tab at any time to view the latest stats for your shop.

View Backup History

Every time the Backup Tool searches your shop an entry is added to the Backup History showing the number of new listings and photos that were discovered and backed up.

Click the Backup History tab to view the log of activity.

All entries are shown by default, but you can filter the list to show only backups where new photos were found.

Click on the number of listings to see exactly which new listings were found and backed up on that date and time.

Click on the number of photos to see all the photos that were found and backed up on that date and time.

View Photos

Click the Photos tab to view all backed up photos from your shop.

You can use the Sections menu to see listings from a specific shop section.

You can also search for listings by keywords in the listing title, or find a specific listing by entering the listing ID.

Download Photos

To quickly download all backed-up photos for a listing hover your mouse over the desired row and click the Download button. A zipped folder containing all the photos will be downloaded to your computer.

Manage and Restore Photos

To view or manage photos for a listing click on the listing title.

A new window will appear showing you the current photos for the listing on Etsy, along with all photos that have been backed up since you activated the tool.

You can re-order the photos for the listing on Etsy by dragging the thumbnail to a new position.

Your changes are immediately reflected on Etsy.

To see the listing on Etsy click the listing title and it will open in a new window.

In the Backup Tool, you can remove a photo from the listing by clicking the Trash Can below the desired photo.

In the Backed-Up Photos section, all photos that are currently on the listing have a green dot.

To add a backed-up photo to the listing, hover your mouse over the desired photo and click the (+) button.

The photo will now have a green dot and appear in the top section where you can re-order it to a new position as desired.

To view a full screen version of a photo click anywhere on the photo itself.

The photo will open in the Preview Screen.

Click the Next and Previous buttons to view the other photos.

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