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"A true time saver. The Sales Event Manager saves me a tremendous amount of time. Never a doubt with EOS."
Printable Wall Art, Home Decor
"Etsy On Sale is seriously one of the must haves for any Etsy shop. It would take me hours to do what EOS does in minutes. I see my sales and views spike when I start a sale through EOS."
Wall clocks and home decor
"It's easy to use with no gimmicks, no contracts and no monthly fees. I pay for what I use, and use the services when I want to. It takes me less than 5 minutes to perform any task with EOS, which means more time for creating and listing new stuff."
Bath and Beauty products
"Etsy On Sale is very simple and easy to operate. It even has a unique link for my sales that I share with friends through social media which drives additional traffic to my shop. I think EOS is great and I'm so glad I found it."
Macrame Jewelry
"I absolutely love Etsy On Sale. I often place my clearance items on discount throughout the year. The best part of creating a sale is the simplicity of the tool. In a few clicks, you can have the sale scheduled. Then I can go about my business and know everything will run smoothly. You get a robust product with Etsy On Sale for a very reasonable price."
Hand-stamped Metals and Jewelry
"I would recommend Etsy On Sale because it has worked so well for me. I already have recommended it to friends. Very easy to use and it's been very helpful to my sales. Probably a 50% increase in sales."
Vintage Home Decor
"RELIABLE. A lot of apps promise a lot of services yet are always buggie. EOS is very reliable and has your back. My favorite tools are the Sales Event Manager and Tag Tool...saved us a lot of time adding and removing tags on 200 listings at the same time."
"Best tool of the trade. With EOS, we have built our popularity and visibility, gained overseas business, and have slowly built a regular repeat clientele. Etsy On Sale is so easy to use, great results for the investment, and has built my business to a full time job."
Vintage Home Decor
"EOS has worked like a champ. We go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks about 3 times a year. We use EOS to run sales while we are gone, with 10% or 15% off for waiting for an extended delivery time, and we always have a lot of work waiting for us when we get back. It enables us to take time off, but not lose out on too much business. I am very happy with the results I get with Etsy On Sale."
"It's reliable, great value for the money, and incredibly easy to use. The Tag Tool allows me to keep my listing tags up to ensure they stay on trend."
Baby Hats, Newborn Photo Props
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